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At Business Induction we provide focused business development and quality lead generation services that take your business to the next level of excellence.

Where do we fit in?

Imbibing your target customers consistently with greater fondness and simultaneously expanding your target market is not an easy task to do. Generating sales leads is one thing and maintaining its growth rate on the uphill, despite the reoccurring economic turbulence is another. The ever soaring competition in the market only makes the growth path more rickety. With a list of other developmental activities to focus it is only obvious that a company might overlook on those small entities that differentiate between a big company and a globally giant. large difference, leading to a stagnant or in many cases an unsatisfactory growth.

However in the world driven by digitized hypnosis and pseudo intellectualism, finding the right partner may turn out to be one of the toughest challenges. This is where we come in. If your business is a nascent start up or happens to be entrapped in a muddle or even in a stable position and aspiring to get bigger, we can induce growth at any level of competencies.



How are we different?

Induction and Difference make us Indifferent. We are neither affected nor effected with the presumptions of following a cliched approach to business development. Endorsing the dynamicity of the industry, our code of conduct is both proactive and reactive at the same time, again depending on the gravity of the project.

We deliver all in one, customized quality services by combining our diverse experience with the Brand Bee's cognitive designing skills. We form strategies, growth plans, promotional campaigns, etc in consultation with The Brand Bee.


Quality Induced Lead Generation

We acknowledge the fact that customers are aware, informed and knowledgeable than ever before and that robust sales are not achieved by selling mediocrity. On the other hand, this indispensable necessity of quality today has unintentionally turned out to favor us for we cannot deliver services that are anywhere near to average.


Our philosophy about doing business is quite succinct. We want to generate and induce leads that are known by virtue of their quality, not by the formality of their existence.


Unlocking your Potential for Global Success
Its Good To Be Better And Its Better To Be Bigger. Having a global presence not only increases your access to a larger audience base but also gives you a chance to further expand your target market and thus to a comprehensive business development.


If you're good at something, the world needs to know that and with a thorough experience, understanding and integrated contacts all over the world, Business Induction can prove to be The most rewarding platform in both launching and establishing your business at the global stratosphere.


True Lead Generation
It took more than 13.75 billion years after the big bang to build the great planet we live in. Unlike great planets, great leads can be generated pretty faster in comparison. Although that doesnt mean that one should assume that quality leads are generated over nightly. Its only gullible to believe companies in the market that claim to do so.


Generating leads that truly takes your level to the next level of excellence involves an in depth understanding of the business based on an extensive research. At Business Induction, we classify only those leads as Quality leads, which truly establish a long lasting connection with the targeted audience. Ipso facto, we do not have the offering called False Promises in our Services.


Building relations backed by trust
We have a special place in our philosophy for the two keywords- Relations and Trust.
Relations because we are here to sell services, not products. Only if we were selling tangibly materialistic products, we would have been as mechanical with our clients. Fortunately we believe our job is to take your businesses on the growth path by inducing experiences that last.


Collective learning is a perpetual phenomenon. Its an extremely profitable barter system in which both parties gain, provided they keep the trust entrusted. Our vision is panoramic and we believe in growing symbiotically than parasitically, one based on trust.



If our team was to be described in one word, it would be Encyclopedic. We have an experienced team of professionals that have a hypermyopic understanding of various businesses. We not only emphasize on the preparation of potential growth models but also focus a lot on the business strategy and consistent execution of the model.


Deeptanshu J. Bansal


Deeptanshu holds an unparalleled breadth of understanding and knowledge about business development and lead generation for businesses in various domains. His logic, creativity and meticulous attention to detail have delivered some amazing success stories for both clients and himself. His virtuoso advice have been appreciated and respected by many.
Deeptanshu's impeccable skills comes from his extensive experience in the Pharma, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries- in India and Globally, wherein he has successfully done brand development for companies like Aruroa Capital, Merril Lynch, Technology Holdings to name a few.


Our business acumen covers the following dimensions: marketing, sales, finance, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, lead generation, international business development, management consulting, and operations management.

Our services focus predominantly on a holistic global expansion of your company.

We assist companies in India and abroad in entering and expanding into markets especially in the United States, Latin America, South East Asia, Europe, Russia, Africa, India and the Middle East.

We are committed to deliver RESULTS because your success is the soul determinant of ours

Market Entry Consulting Services - International / Global

If you have the Will to grow, we'll embrace you with the Way to lead

Local companies/brands often hesitate to invest internationally because of the midfields of budget. We believe you shouldn't be concerned if you do not possess a huge budget; our management will take care of that. All you need to do is contact us and Business Induction will provide you a full-fledged marketing strategy and promotion plan to place your brand in the foothills of the International market.


Global Business Partner Search

Cross breeding success with the apt DNA


Building relations based on Trust is one of the core values of our philosophy. We thereby consider it our moral responsibility to provide you with partners that are trustworthy.


We have a very vast global network, which could provide you with possibilities of exploring businesses with common goals and similar interests. Also the possibility of finding those that can compliment your present state of art in the most productive manner is substantial. A good deal is one in which both parties gain and in either case, our search will prove to be highly profitable to your business.


International Business Development and Consulting

Your comrade in Global Business Development


We have a strongly coupled network of professionals working in almost every dimension, all over the globe, who have experience of working with emerging start-ups, entrepreneurs, funds, small and medium-sized enterprises, global firms, and government agencies worldwide. We thus imbibe all the credentials to understand and implement tactfully your specific business development needs and aspirations.


International Lead Generation

Leading your way to global success


Generating leads may prove to be an anti-catalyst for your business's metabolism until they are synthesized with quality. Inducing quality International leads can prove to be instrumental in channeling you through an increased supply of clients. Few of our many Lead Generation services include:

Cold calling services
Appointment setting
Customized email campaigns
Business Development support
RFx support


International B2B Market Research & Business Intelligence Services
Growth induced on quality research


Whether its a small company or an already established global firm, entering into an international market will always be remembered as a significant step when contemplating growth. Entering a new market is a complex equation that involves completely distinct variables of culture, people, policies and practices.
In the fight for survival of the fittest, it means a new breed of competition to take on .
Would you like to enter such an arena with bare hands? Wont you like to know the complete demography of the market, strengths and weakness of your future competitors?
For those who are already established and wanting to grow more, every strategy starts with market research, or precisely true market research.

Our extensive global presence and experienced research team makes sure to provide you with an all round market research, and in collaboration with The Brand Bee, we provide you focused strategies that could help you expand exponentially.



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